Re-packaging the printer


Home the printer

  • Home the printer as usual with nozzle and buildplate (3) attached
  • Remove the cartridge, piston, nozzle, nozzle element (14) and buildplate (3)

Transport position

  • Close the print head door (16) and secure it (i.e. with a piece of tape) 
  • Move the printer into it's transport position
    (Quick-Actions -> Transport)
  • Confirm your input

Preparations for packaging

  • Remove the printhead guide (7) (loosen both screws (23) by about one turn to do so)
  • Safely store away the Z-button (6) in it's bag and secure it to the printer with a piece of tape or alike
  • Remove all parts from the preheater (8)


  • Make sure the center of the sliding element (21) is roughly aligned with the top of it's fixture
  • Shutdown the printer
  • Remove the power supply once the printer is fully turned off

Packaging step 1

  • Lay the base part of the foam packaging onto a flat surface
  • If needed fold down the flaps
  • Cover the printer with it's plastic cover
  • Place the machine into the cutout

Packaging step 2

  • Push both foam pieces securing the printbed all the way onto the printbed by sliding the slit over it 
  • Hold the printbed from the opposite side while doing so
  • The foam part with the round cutout faces the back (in the direction of the other round cutout)

Packaging step 3

  • Make sure the printbed is on the exact height of the cutouts in the foam 
  • When looking from the side there should neither be a gap between the foam pieces neither should the be squished 
  • If needed, you can correct the height of the printbed by turning the spindle

Packaging step 4

  • Place the printer together with the foam piece into the transport box
  • Both handle cutouts should face towards the front and the back (so you can kind of look trough the printer)


  • Stick the foam pieces together like shown in the picture 
  • The finished assembly will be put on the printer in one piece

Packaging step 5

  • Place the top half of the transport foam onto the printer
  • Make sure the Printhead slides into the corresponding cutout
  • Also make sure the wires on the back are not squished 


  • Put all the accessories (if needed) into the smaller of the two boxes
  • Fill the small box with a suitable packaging material and close it up 

Packaging step 6

  • Place the accessories box into the corresponding space of the foam 
  • Caution: Place the small box into the large package even if it is empty as it is important for over all stability

Closing up

  • Close the whole box with a suitable tape
    Note the weight of the printer when choosing a suitable tape!
  • Cover all the old barcodes for shipping!
    (The barcodes with the serial number may still be visible)